Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Cuisine

This weekend, my best friend, Ms. Kaiser is hosting a Halloween party..we are all dressing up.  The boys are all obsessed with the movie Beerfest and are dressing up as characters from the movie.  Honestly, I watched the movie once and thought it was stupid, watched it again to make sure and started to truly despise it, but maybe that is because Jack, my husband walks around the house quoting it and talking like the characters to our cats.

Anyway, the girls are dressing up too.  Ms. Kaiser got the idea that we should dress up as cocktails which I was really excited about at first, but now our party is two days away and I am thinking about putting on my usual cat ears, tail and leggings.

I don't want to let down the besty completely though, so to make up for my lame costume I have been thinking a lot about what I can bring as far as food and drink.  After a little googling I found some fun ideas, but if you want to get grossed out google Halloween food because people cook up food that looks like bugs, body parts, blood, etc. etc. etc.... it's gross.

Personally, I like cute Halloween grub.  Some of the best ones are found are:

Halloween Caprese


Backbone Roll-ups

Pumpkin Mousse

Caramel Apple Martini

Be sure to check out the Caramel apple martini link because there were some other especially good looking cocktails on that site as well.  



  1. PS: I'm liking the new background.

  2. Come to the party boo boo xoxox..Thank you regarding the background..the beach scene was a little too cliche..

  3. Correction- Beerfest is awesome, FACT! . . . "Those are Euros!"

  4. ughhhhh Lowen.....I hate it so much...but will I be seeing your face on Sat?

  5. I love caramel apple tinis!! All the treats look yummy too! Have fun at your party :) we have a party saturday night and I have no costume. Ugh