Sunday, November 6, 2011

Addicted to Coffee

Lately, I've been trying REALLY hard to be a morning person.  I've tried this in the past by setting my alarm clock early, but it never worked for me, I'd just hit the "snooze" button and roll over.   For whatever reason, this time around I'm having success.   It's a combination of my have-to-get-to-work-early-to-prepare-or-something-bad-will-happen feeling and my newfound coffee habit.  I have been drinking coffee everyday for the last week and half and have been early to work everyday.  Unfortunately, I think I'm addicted after a week.  It's Sunday and I've had two cups today because I felt like I HAD to have coffee to be productive.  Anyway, I'm not sure it's all that bad because I am getting a lot of things done.  These are the delicious coffees I've tried this week:
McDonald's Peppermint Mocha-pretty darn delcious. Just tried this one this morning--very sweet, more of a dessert and probably really bad for you.

 Tully's Kona Blend.   We have a Keurig coffe maker that I am now starting to take advantage of.  Seemed a little daunting at first, but it's pretty much foolproof (I have a small fear of the unknown and new.)
Wawa  Pumpkin Spice Cappucino.  Loaded with caffeine and sugar.  Probably also pretty bad for you.  I drank this everyday this week and was extremely productive.

So, that's about it about my coffee.  I'm feeling a little self-conscious about my blogging habit.  My loving husband just walked by and said "You kinda look like a Hipster Doofus".  When I asked why he gave me the following reasons:

1.  I was just at a college library doing some research (mandatory for class-not my fault)

2.  I use a Macbook Pro (also not my fault, my work provides it to me)
3.  I'm drinking coffee
4.  I'm wearing a scarf 
5.  I'm wearing Chucks (actually the ones I was admiring in my first blog post)
6. I have on glasses (I need them to see, so I can't help that either)
7.  I'm blogging

I also just completely talked about myself for this whole blog entry which is probably only interesting to me...I'll make a point to write about something else later this week... 


  1. I had no idea you had a blog. This is awesome.

    Addicted, huh? Wait until you're up to 4-5 cups a day, drinking them into the evenings and you cannot sleep. Then, you'll start to cut back to maybe 1 or 2, and you'll become somewhat lethargic. And you can even get to the point where you drink too much and become, once again, unproductive. At that point, you cut out adding any sugar. Best bet is to simply drink wawa regular; it really doesn't get any better than that. - shawn-ryan

  2. Aw thanks Shawn! Yeah, I think you're right about the Wawa regular...I don't want to get to the point where I drink so much that it backfires...maybe I won't drink it on weekends...we'll see! Hope al is well with you~

  3. awww I love your blog Em!! and I love me some coffee too!! I have a super embarassing livejournal that I've had for years and I randomly write in it...but I whine so much in it I refuse to share it with anyone I know hahah...yours is way cooler!

  4. hahah just saw this Helen! cute! I'm gonna find your livejournal lol!